Because of His love…

From the website (click image):
After the bloody killing of the demon Hiranyakasipu, Lord Nrsinghadeva was still ferociously angry. The demigods had come to witness the fight, but now they wanted to pay their respects to the Lord and they were afraid to approach Him. Only Prahlad was pure in heart enough to go near Him and calm Him. Lord Nrsinghadeva was won by Prahlad’s love, and He placed Prahlad on His lap.

He offered Prahlad any benediction, but Prahlad wanted none for himself. He was satisfied to engage in devotional service, but he did request that his evil father be forgiven and delivered from his sinful reactions. Lord Nrsinghadeva said that was unnecessary, since anyone directly killed by the Supreme Lord is always already delivered from sinful reactions, just by His touch.


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